Leasing and You

Here's a few things you may not have known about LEASING!

“Here’s how it works”


That's right, we've been in the leasing business for over 20 years!
RENT before you LEASE OR BUY!
When you lease or purchase from U-Save, you can rent the car first!  Just makes sense right?  Why not test drive your dream car for a day just to make sure you're a good fit?
ENJOY low or even no* finance charges!
ALL of our leases roll out the door at a MAXIMUM of 11.99% interest.  You got it ... no crazy interest rates here.  Regardless of your credit, we won't be raking you over the coals with insanely high interest charges.
*Please contact us for 0% interest qualifications*
EVERY vehicle includes a warranty!
The cost of any warranty product is included in the advertised price of the vehicle.
Taxes AND Registration?
Included.  When we quote your lease price, all local sales tax and vehicle registration for the life of the lease is included!
FREE Oil changes for the life of the lease!
No catch here.  During the term of the lease, we provide you with oil changes.  There are mileage limitations, of course, but we keep it sensible and allow you to save your hard earned dollars.